Mandarin Dreams.png

Mandarin Dreams

An indica for your daydreams

Jawa Pie Jar v2.png

Jawa Pie

It’ll launch you to the stars

Strawberry Cought x Deep Chunk Jar v2.png

Strawberry Cough x Deep Chunk x Clementine

Gradient of flavors



Out of this world

koffee face jar v2.png

Koffee Face

A perfect pair for breakfast

Mandarin Sunset.png

Mandarin Sunset

Like taking a walk through a Thai sunset

Key Lime Pie.png

Key Lime Pie

Tart and sweet


Disco Biscuits

A biscuit for the soul

Queen of Soul Jar v2.png

Queen of Soul

So good you’ll want to dance

Pillow Factory v2.png

Pillow Factory

You’ll need a pillow



Deep fruity and blissful

Brandywine v2.png


For the connoisseur

Alien Rift jar v2.png

Alien Rift

Lifted to the stars

Purple Diesel.png

Purple Diesel

Fuel for your day