Daily Strain Menus

Manchester, Maine

Huckleberry Kush

Disco Biscuits


Strawberry Banana

Topsham, Maine

Grape Dosi

Huckleberry Kush

Disco Biscuits

False Teeth


Conspiracy Kush

Waldoboro, Maine

False Teeth

Disco Biscuits

Conspiracy Kush


Huckleberry Kush

Current Rotation of Strains



Deep, fruity, and blissful.


Star Dawg

Launch into space.


Mandarin Dreams

An indica for your daydreams.


Conspiracy Kush

Something’s fishy….

Huckleberry Cough

An adventure.


Face Off x Black Fire

Face off with this fire.



For the connoisseur.


Tripoli Wicked x Clementine

Conquer the day with this fruity sativa!


Drop into the matrix.


Skwurl Killer

Worth the hunt.


Die Hard

Perfect for a movie night.



Coming around the mountain.


Blissful citrus.


Sour Krush

Sour, too sour, even for the buds.



Take a walk through this floral garden.


Strains Coming Soon!


Grape Dosi

Howie Wowie Jar.png

Howie Wowie

Sweet Mint Jar.png

Sweet Mint

Huckleberry Kush

Strawberry Banana

False Teeth Jar.png

False Teeth

Ripped Bubba Jar.png

Ripped Bubba

Wedding Cake

HiFi Jar.png



Strains That Will Return


Mandarin Sunset

Take a walk through this Thai sunset.


Pillow Factory

Grab a pillow; you’ll need it.


Disco Biscuits

A biscuit for the soul.

Snow White & Sunshine Daydream

It snows in this daydream paradise.


Alien Rift

Lifted to the stars.


Purple Diesel

Fuel for your day.

Queen of Soul

So good you’ll want to dance.


Jawa Pie

Launch into hyperspeed.



The best kind of pie breath.

Koffee Face

Coffee & Koffee Face; a perfect breakfast pair.


Key Lime Pie

Tart, sweet, and sure to relax.



An explosion of flavor.


And Many More Sprouted and Growing to Come!