A Classy Joint.


Highbrow is one of the largest Maine owned and operated cannabis companies, with three locations. We opened our doors in Waldoboro on April 21st, 2017, our second location quickly followed suit in Topsham on September 30th of that same year. Our most recent location, in Manchester, which is located less than one quarter of a mile from the Augusta city line, was opened on July 28th of 2018.

We are a glass gallery with medical cannabis caregivers located on site to provide our patients and customers one destination to fulfill all of their needs. We provide a welcoming, pleasant environment for everyone who comes through our doors. Highbrow has a variety of offerings including local glass, CBD infused products, and many accessories, as well as, exceptional medicine dispensed by our certified, caring, and educated Highbrow family. 

Highbrow was formed from a vision of three licensed caregivers who wanted to create a place for patients to feel comfortable and welcomed while providing the highest quality medicinals available in the state of Maine. We produce all of our own cannabis and CBD offerings and are always willing to tailor items to our specific customer needs.